How Homeopathy Changed their Lives

Vinod Kumar, Delhi, India

I started loosing my hair at very fast rate. I was scared of this problem, after trying innumerous hair care products I came to know about FeelGood homeopathy's treatment. After starting their treatment in August this year I feel a considerable difference in my hair fall. Now my hair are healthier than before. The treatment was very good and I was impressed with the regular assessment of my problem every 15 days.

I was in depression due to my problem but now I...

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Sunil Ahuja, Faridabad, India

My weight was 93 Kgs 1 years back. I did all sort of things from exercising to starving. I joined gym to burn the fat in the body. In the starting I did loose some weight but due to my hectic schedule I couldn't continue gym. A friend of mine suggested me to try FeelGood Homeopathy. Within a month I started feeling the difference. In the first month only I lost around 14 Kgs of weight.

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Surender Kumar, Delhi, India

I was really depressed for many years due to my excessive weight problem. My weight was more than 100Kgs, I tried many methods like diet control, allopathic treatments and exercising too but none helped. I joined gym for 10 months but due to my job pressure I could never go to gym regularly. My tummy was bulging and it made me look older than my age. I felt very ashamed due to my overweight problem. My good friend suggested me to try Weight Loss program of...

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Priyanka Saxena, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Being overweight has various ill effects on mind and body. I would say that my fat gave me more tensions in life than anything else. When I was in stress it was even more difficult to control eating. I think Dr. Shelly entered my life at a time I was looking for change not just with my weight but with my life. The support I received at the clinic is invaluable and it's impact can't be put into words. I feel empowered now to take charge of my life because I have been...

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Jasmeet Kaur, Himanchal Pradesh, India

I have been taking this treatment of hair loss for almost last 6 months and my problem has got reduced significantly. When I started treatment, it reflected results immediately, but there was a slowdown in between. However, Dr shelly reevaluated my case and detected the reason for this and treated it well. Now I can see the results again; my hair loss is controlled and the dandruff too. Overall, I am happy with the service and treatment. Dr shelly is very good at her...

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Sachin Aggarwal, Mumbai, India

I have been a migraine sufferer since the age of 6. My migraines were so frequent and severe that I would be completely incapacitated for 24-72 hours about once a month. In 34 years, I have seen countless doctors, specialists, and a neurologist and even had a CAT scan to try to get an explanation for my pain. I tried many conventional and alternative methods of medicine never ruling out anyone who claimed they could help me. I willingly tried virtually every type of...

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