Why You Should Wake Up Early - 10 Major Benefits

Do you want to be extremely successful in life? Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Do you want to stay energized all day? Do you want to enhance your productivity and work more efficiently?

If the answer to all these questions is yes and you are wondering what all you can do to achieve all that in life then you should start waking up early in the morning. 4 AM is actually the ideal time to wake up and get going. There are lot of benefits of waking up early in the morning. These benefits are not only physical but also mental. Infact this is one single thing that will improve lot of things in your life, so read on and find out.

I am sure you all must have tried to get up early everyday by using alarm clocks but you always hit that snooze button, don't you? Well we will write another dedicated blog where we share tips to help you wake up on time everyday but in this blog we want to tell you what are the benefits of waking up early.

1. You get time to exercise

When you wake up just 2 hours early then you can get time to exercise. Well I am not saying that you exercise for 2 hours rigorously, you just need to exercise 30-40 mins which is just enough for an average person. You can exercise at home or go for jog outside or if it is easier for you to visit the gym then nothin like it. Any form of exercise for just 30 mins is good enough to energize your body for the day ahead.

2. Plan your day

You all have some goals in life and you want to achieve lot of things in life. For instance you want to buy a big house or you want a stable income or you are looking for promotion. Well your goal could be just anything but the key to achieving your goals is to plan how you will get to your goals. Your plan will have tasks and sub tasks and you need to make sure that everyday you complete these small tasks which sum up to achieve little things in life and one day you reach your goal.

If you start your day and spend atleast 15-20 mins planning about what things you need to do during the day and more importantly in which order you should do them. You can just maintain a dairy or a planner where you can simply write down daily tasks. Mornings are the best time to do this activity and when you wake up early you have time to plan your day. This activity is best done just after you have exercised and taken your bath. This could be your time when you can just be with yourself having a cup of tea and thinking about how to make your day bright.

3. Self Assertion - Imagine in your mind that you can do it!

After you have planned your day it is time to close your eyes and think that your day is going to be the best day of your life. Imagine yourself giving that presentation you had been working on for the past few days. Imagine that you are meeting with your client and successfully winning the project. Whatever you planned to do for the day just imagine that in your mind. This will give you boost and motivation to get going and will increase your self confidence that you can achieve anything in life.

4. Experience the Beauty of Nature

Early morning is a great time to appreciate the wonders of the nature. Just go out in the park watch the sunrise and listen to the chirping of birds or watch flowers blossom. Nature is at its best early morning when everything is quiet and so natural. This will help you a lot at emotional level.

5. You get time to eat Breakfast properly

When you get up early you get time to make yourself a good health meal and also to eat it properly. When we are in hurry we tend to eat things that doesn't take much time to cook and we eat in hurry without chewing food properly. Well if you have time to eat your first meal properly them not only you will get all the nutrients but also less stress which is next in our list.

6. No stress in getting ready

When you have a bus to catch or reach office in 30 mins you just do everything in hurry and don't do even a single thing properly. This leads to lot of stress in your mind and starting your day on a bad note could be very bad in long term. Getting stressed is the last thing you should want in the morning.

7. Get more free time during the day

When you have already done lot of things in the morning like exercise, eaten properly, appreciated the nature then you can always leave for work little early too. Just plan to reach your worlplace 30 mins ahead. You will not get the rush hour traffic and again this means less stress. When you reach office early you can just get going with your work, since you started early with a fresh mind and you have already planned your day that means you will achieve lot more. By lunch time you must have completed the most important tasks of the day and you can spend rest of the time in just daily chores and errands.

8. You develope a positive Mental Attitude

All the benefits we have mentioned so far will not only help the personal on physical and mental level but also in his/her professional career also. Imagine when most of your workdays are like this then slowly you will develop a positive attitude towards life. You know that anything is possible because you plan things well and have time to do them. This will take your confidence to amazing levels and you will grow significantly in your life and excel in whatever field you are.

9. Live a better Family Life

5 days a week you lived your life tension free without hassles at work because you are managing your time so well and never over stressing yourself. When the weekend comes you can spend quality time with your family without worrying about your work. When Monday comes you will be fully recharged for work.

10. Get more Happier in Life

When you make it a routine habit to get up early morning then eventually you will become more happier in life. The benefits of waking up early is almost instant. Within just few days you will realized that on an emotional level you are very relaxed and stress free. You also have been spending time in the morning just thinking about things and this is very important activity. When you just think and do nothing this clears up lot of messed up things in your mind and you get answers to you problems.

So if you want to live a better life then start waking up early. It may sound difficult but when you do it for few days then it will become your body will adjust automatically to this new time. We will share some tips on how to get up early in the morning.

Have a good health!

Eye Flu - How homeopathy can help

Everyone in India waits for Monsoon rains because it brings life and happiness. Rains are very important for agriculture also. Also it puts an end to the harsh summers. Although everyone loves rains but it also leads to various diseases and one of the major one is conjuctivitis which is the infection of eye. It is also known as eye flu.

Most of the patients affected by eye flu are children but, it can affect people of all ages. Children catch this infection when they go to school and interact with others.

Symptoms of eye flu

1. Eyes turn reddish
2. Itching in the eyes
3. Watery secretion from the eyes
4. Pus formation in the eyes
5. Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid
6. Increased amount of tears
7. Thick yellow discharge from the eyes, which crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep
8. Burning eyes
9. Blurred vision
10. Increased sensitivity to light
11. Inflamed eyes
12. Green or white discharge from the eye

If you have some of these symptoms then you have also got the infection but do not worry at all. First understand the common myths and facts about eye fly.

Myths and facts about eye flu

1. Eye flu cannot be transmitted just by looking at infected person’s eye. It just doesn't look good

2. Eye flu cannot be transmitted just by touching the infected person, until and unless you have washed your hands soon after touching the person with eye flu but preferrable don't touch them regularly to spread the infection

3. Eye flu cannot be transmitted just by visiting any crowded place.

4. Eye flu mostly happens in cold and flu season

5. Eye flu easily infects through swimming pool

6. Other names for Eye flu are Pink Eye, Madras Eye and Conjunctivitis

7. The international code of Conjunctivitis is H10

8. In case of Viral Conjunctivitis, antibiotic drops are helpless

9. The first human case in Mexico of conjunctivitis caused by an avian parasite, Philophthalmus lacrimosus

10. Conjunctivitis in Ghana was nicknamed after the spaceship Apollo11’s name


1. Do not use contact lenses if you are suffering from eye flu.

2. Avoid shaking hands especially with the infected person. Wash your hand with soap and rub it vigorously for 20 seconds with soap after handshake with infected person.

3. Clean your eyes with cold water 2-3 times a day.

4. Don't share towel or handkerchief.

Homoeopathic Medicines useful for Eyeflu

1. Belladonna: Suitable to ophthalmias where there is great inflammation, dry, injected eyes, a total absence of lachrymation

2. Euphrasia: It has an inflammation of the lids, which appear red and injected, or perhaps ulcerated, with a profuse excoriating discharge, photophobia, cannot bear artificial light.

3. Graphites; There is intense burning, lachrymation; the canthi crack and bleed.It is the best remedies in vesicles on the cornea and ulceration in scrofulous children

1. Wear dark glasses

2. Close your eyes and apply ice wrapped in the cloth over the eyes lids.

3. The disease is usually self-lifting and normally goes in three days.

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Professional Homeopathic Care in Delhi, NCR

There are numerous Homeopathic Doctors in Delhi. It is really a good sign for both patients and aspiring Doctors but it is now difficult for the patients to choose the right Doctor who can provide them good treatment. So in this blog post we want to share our views on how to identify the right Doctor for you and your family.

1. Check the Doctor Review from your friends

You would definitely want to check what other think about that Doctor. How were they treated at the clinic and how comfortable they felt. It is very important for the Doctor to give adequate time to the patient, atleast when they are visiting the first time.

2. How much time Doctor gives you and how many questions he/she asks?

Homeopathic treatment requires a thorough analysis of patient history and other Doctor will ask atleast 15-20 questions. This is pretty much normal and do provide your support to your Doctor in answering those questions. Your honest responses will help your Doctor to accurately identify your Constitution Type and prescribe an effective treatment for you.

3. Beware of Quacks - Always check the Doctor's Registration Number or License

Many people read few Homeopathic books and claim they can treat anyone. You should stay away from them. Always get treatement from a registered doctor. All Doctors will mention they Degree and Registration number on their letter pad.

4. Always ask for the prescription on the Doctor's Letter Pad.

If you have the Doctor prescription with you then you can always use it for getting Reimbursement from your office or from your Medical Insurance Company. Whenever you revist the Doctor then carry the past prescription with you.

Are you looking for Professional Homeopathic Treatment then please Register on our website and fill your Case Performa today. Our Doctor will analyze your case and recommend a treatement for you.

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Migraine Treatment in Homeopathy

Migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily perceptions, severe headaches, and nausea. Migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. The typical migraine headache is unilateral (affecting one half of the head) and pulsating, lasting from 4 to 72 hours; symptoms include nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light), and phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound).

What Causes Migrain?

Cause of migraine headache is unknown; The cause of migraine headache is unknown; the most common theory is a disorder of the serotonergic control system, which says, the pain thought to be linked with the drop of level of serotonin (chemical in the brain) leading to the dilatation and inflammation of blood vessels.It has a strong inheritance link associated with it and seems to run in families.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of migraine vary among patients. Therefore, what a patient experiences before, during and after an attack cannot be defined exactly. The four phases of a migraine attack listed below are common but not necessarily experienced by all migraine sufferer.

1. The prodrome, which occurs hours or days before the headache.
2. The aura, which immediately precedes the headache.
3. The pain phase, also known as headache phase.
4. The postdrome

The typical migraine headache is unilateral, throbbing, and moderate to severe and can be aggravated by physical activity. Not all these features are necessary. The pain may be bilateral at the onset or start on one side and become generalized, and usually it alternates sides from one attack to the next. The onset is usually gradual. The pain may also be associated with – vomiting and nausea; sensitivity to light and sound, fatigue, numbness and tingling.

What Triggers Migraine?

A migraine trigger is any factor that, on exposure or withdrawal, leads to the development of an acute migraine headache. Triggers may be categorized as behavioral, environmental, infectious, dietary, chemical, or hormonal. In the medical literature, these factors are known as 'precipitants.They include foods containing MSG (monosodium glutamate this is a taste additive that is often found in Chinese food preparation), pickles, fermented foods, nuts, chocolate, and red wine and dairy products.


Homeopathy cures migrain permanently. But it is a chronic disorder and may take few months to get cured. Even when the medicine is properly selected and working in the right direction, the headaches are not going to disappear in one go. Initially one will see a reduction in the severity and the frequency of the headaches. This gradually over a period of time would lead to the complete cure.

Homeopathic Remedy for Headaches and Migraine Diseases

Natrum muriaticum: Migraines (often on the right) that are worse from grief or emotional upsets, worse from too much sun, or occur just before or after the menstrual period, are likely to respond to this remedy. The headache feels "like a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain" and is often worse from eyestrain. The person may have numb or tingling feelings in the lips or face before the headache starts, and the eyes are very sensitive to light.

Sanguinaria: Right-sided migraines with tension in the neck and shoulder, extending to the forehead with a bursting feeling in the eye, are often relieved with this remedy. Jarring, light, and noise aggravate discomfort. The headaches improve after vomiting, as well as from burping or passing gas, and are often better after sleep. A person who needs this remedy often comes down with migraines after missing meals, and also has digestive problems and allergies.

Sepia: Left-sided migraines with dizziness and nausea, worse from missing meals, and worse near menstrual periods or during menopause, often responds to this remedy. Pain may come in shocks or jerks, and the person feels worse indoors and from lying on the painful side. A person needing Sepia feels weary, cold, and irritable, wanting no one to make demands on them.

Silicea (also called Silica): Migraines that come on after mental exertion or near the menstrual period may indicate a need for this remedy—especially in a nervous person who is very chilly. Headaches are usually right-sided, starting in the back of the head and extending to the forehead, and are worse from drafts or from going out in the cold without a hat.

Spigelia: Excruciating headaches on the left side of the head, with violent throbbing, or stitching p

Belladonna: Migraines that start in the back of the skull or upper neck and spread to the forehead and temple (especially on the right) may indicate a need for this remedy. Pain is throbbing or pounding, and worse from jarring, light, and noise. Headaches often begin in late morning or afternoon, and may be worst around three p.m. The face may be flushed and red, and the skin feels hot, although the feet and hands are often cold. The pupils may be dilated, with sensitivity to light, and the person may either feel delirious or drowsy.

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15 Natural Treatments for Hair Fall

Few days back we shared with you 12 simple Hair Care Tips. Besides those tips it is also very important to eat food that is rich in Nutrients essential for healthy hair. In this article you will find 15 Natural treatments for your hair care.

Revive your Hair with Flax seed

Flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. To prevent further hair loss and to encourage hair growth, one must consume one table spoon of freshly ground flax seeds with a glass of water. It should be roasted and then grind properly, so that it will be easy to digest. Though eating large quantity of Flax seeds can lead to diarrhea.

Types of Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss are varied, and of course treatments are specific to the type of hair loss. Five major types of hair loss are discussed below. It is very important to identify the exact type of Hair fall because the treatment is different in each case. If you are suffering from Hair Fall then this article will help you to identify the type of Hair Fall that you have.

12 simple Hair Care tips

Good Hair care is the key to beautiful hair. If you take proper care of your hair then you can avoid various problems like Dandruff, Scalp infection, Hair Fall and Greying of Hair. These are 12 simple tips to maintain the health of your hair and scalp. These hair care tips are easy to follow and if you make your mind to follow them then your Hair will stay healthy.

10 simple ways to maintain your weight

Loosing weight is winning half the battle only. You win the rest when you keep your weight under control and that is the most challenging part of weight loss. People have tendency to loose their enthusiasm after they successfully lose their weight. The idea of maintaining weight is to have a proper diet and regular physical activity. Here we have discussed 10 techniques of keeping your weight under check.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue. It can occur unintentionally due to an underlying disease or can arise from a conscious effort to improve an actual or perceived overweight or obese state.

How many times to shampoo in a week?

Everyone wants to have great looking hair with great shine and its natural color. For keeping both these things intact requires several efforts. Today we will talk about Hair Washing, which is one of the basic thing that person has to do for maintaining good hair. Type of hair and scalp plays a vital role for determining how often one should wash his/her hair.

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