Why You Should Wake Up Early - 10 Major Benefits

Do you want to be extremely successful in life? Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Do you want to stay energized all day? Do you want to enhance your productivity and work more efficiently?

If the answer to all these questions is yes and you are wondering what all you can do to achieve all that in life then you should start waking up early in the morning. 4 AM is actually the ideal time to wake up and get going. There are lot of benefits of waking up early in the morning. These benefits are not only physical but also mental. Infact this is one single thing that will improve lot of things in your life, so read on and find out.

I am sure you all must have tried to get up early everyday by using alarm clocks but you always hit that snooze button, don't you? Well we will write another dedicated blog where we share tips to help you wake up on time everyday but in this blog we want to tell you what are the benefits of waking up early.

1. You get time to exercise

When you wake up just 2 hours early then you can get time to exercise. Well I am not saying that you exercise for 2 hours rigorously, you just need to exercise 30-40 mins which is just enough for an average person. You can exercise at home or go for jog outside or if it is easier for you to visit the gym then nothin like it. Any form of exercise for just 30 mins is good enough to energize your body for the day ahead.

2. Plan your day

You all have some goals in life and you want to achieve lot of things in life. For instance you want to buy a big house or you want a stable income or you are looking for promotion. Well your goal could be just anything but the key to achieving your goals is to plan how you will get to your goals. Your plan will have tasks and sub tasks and you need to make sure that everyday you complete these small tasks which sum up to achieve little things in life and one day you reach your goal.

If you start your day and spend atleast 15-20 mins planning about what things you need to do during the day and more importantly in which order you should do them. You can just maintain a dairy or a planner where you can simply write down daily tasks. Mornings are the best time to do this activity and when you wake up early you have time to plan your day. This activity is best done just after you have exercised and taken your bath. This could be your time when you can just be with yourself having a cup of tea and thinking about how to make your day bright.

3. Self Assertion - Imagine in your mind that you can do it!

After you have planned your day it is time to close your eyes and think that your day is going to be the best day of your life. Imagine yourself giving that presentation you had been working on for the past few days. Imagine that you are meeting with your client and successfully winning the project. Whatever you planned to do for the day just imagine that in your mind. This will give you boost and motivation to get going and will increase your self confidence that you can achieve anything in life.

4. Experience the Beauty of Nature

Early morning is a great time to appreciate the wonders of the nature. Just go out in the park watch the sunrise and listen to the chirping of birds or watch flowers blossom. Nature is at its best early morning when everything is quiet and so natural. This will help you a lot at emotional level.

5. You get time to eat Breakfast properly

When you get up early you get time to make yourself a good health meal and also to eat it properly. When we are in hurry we tend to eat things that doesn't take much time to cook and we eat in hurry without chewing food properly. Well if you have time to eat your first meal properly them not only you will get all the nutrients but also less stress which is next in our list.

6. No stress in getting ready

When you have a bus to catch or reach office in 30 mins you just do everything in hurry and don't do even a single thing properly. This leads to lot of stress in your mind and starting your day on a bad note could be very bad in long term. Getting stressed is the last thing you should want in the morning.

7. Get more free time during the day

When you have already done lot of things in the morning like exercise, eaten properly, appreciated the nature then you can always leave for work little early too. Just plan to reach your worlplace 30 mins ahead. You will not get the rush hour traffic and again this means less stress. When you reach office early you can just get going with your work, since you started early with a fresh mind and you have already planned your day that means you will achieve lot more. By lunch time you must have completed the most important tasks of the day and you can spend rest of the time in just daily chores and errands.

8. You develope a positive Mental Attitude

All the benefits we have mentioned so far will not only help the personal on physical and mental level but also in his/her professional career also. Imagine when most of your workdays are like this then slowly you will develop a positive attitude towards life. You know that anything is possible because you plan things well and have time to do them. This will take your confidence to amazing levels and you will grow significantly in your life and excel in whatever field you are.

9. Live a better Family Life

5 days a week you lived your life tension free without hassles at work because you are managing your time so well and never over stressing yourself. When the weekend comes you can spend quality time with your family without worrying about your work. When Monday comes you will be fully recharged for work.

10. Get more Happier in Life

When you make it a routine habit to get up early morning then eventually you will become more happier in life. The benefits of waking up early is almost instant. Within just few days you will realized that on an emotional level you are very relaxed and stress free. You also have been spending time in the morning just thinking about things and this is very important activity. When you just think and do nothing this clears up lot of messed up things in your mind and you get answers to you problems.

So if you want to live a better life then start waking up early. It may sound difficult but when you do it for few days then it will become your body will adjust automatically to this new time. We will share some tips on how to get up early in the morning.

Have a good health!

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