How many times to shampoo in a week?

Everyone wants to have great looking hair with great shine and its natural color. For keeping both these things intact requires several efforts. Today we will talk about Hair Washing, which is one of the basic thing that person has to do for maintaining good hair. Type of hair and scalp plays a vital role for determining how often one should wash his/her hair.

1. If you have oily scalp then you can even wash them daily. Oily hair tend to attract dust and pollutant particles that can damage your hairs severely. Remember if you are washing your hair daily then use a mild shampoo, otherwise the chemicals in the shampoo can further damage your hair.

Shampoos that are designed for oily hair have more detergent than shampoos for non-oily hair. Detergents, while useful for washing away dirt, dead skin, and excess oil, can make hair less manageable and cause it to become dry, brittle, and loose texture.

2.If you have dry scalp then you must wash hair only couple of times a week. Ideally 2 or 3 times a week should be enough, depending upon how dirty your hair gets. There are a few important things that needs to be considered when washing dry hair and that is to condition them well before and after the wash.

3. If you have normal hair then you can wash hair every alternate day of the week. Use a mild shampoo for washing your hair. There are plenty of options available in the market.

Proper hair and scalp care involves washing your hair regularly to remove the normal build up of dirt, dead skin cells, oils produced by skin glands, and any other substances you put in your hair.


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